What is a NFT?

In the art sector, an NFT is a piece of digital art (image, video, GIF, music, etc.) with a certificate of authenticity that is unique, indivisible and transferable. The technology is used to create a verifiable digital scarcity, as well as provide digital ownership. That is, a public certificate of exclusivity on a digital work that cannot be altered.

This means that when you buy the NFT artwork you will have a blockchain certificate (instant validation anywhere in the world) that will give you the ability to prove that you are the only owner of this NFT now and in the future. Then, you can decide if you want to keep it, auction it or sell it (at the price you want).

At Artereum you can buy, collect, sell and auction NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) of artworks certified by Morton Auctions with OARO Eco NFT's blockchain technology.

How to buy at Artereum?

1- Register on Artereum to create an account

2- Add credit in your account to participate in a bid: you can do it using your credit/debit card, paying with Ethereum QR or linking your wallet with the Metamask plugin available for browsers.

3- Important: At Artereum, all transactions are made in USD, allowing the use of cryptocurrency to transfer only dollars at your balance.

4- When you have enough credit available, go to the NFT section and place your bid. If your bid is the highest at that time, that amount is held in your balance; If another user places a higher bid, the amount previously bid is released to your balance.

Are you ready? Let 's begin!

Why is Artereum different?

There are various reasons:

* Artereum makes a difference by incorporating selected and certified artwork by Morton Subastas into its offer and using OARO's blockchain technology - unlike other NFTs platforms in which anyone can create their digital assets, mixing works by renowned artists along with others with no greater symbolic value in the same place.

* Artereum operates with Eco-NFTs on OARO's private cloud blockchain platform, a more environmentally friendly alternative to NFTs created on the public Ethereum blockchain. A study carried out by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, certifies that the OARO network is 99.99% more efficient in terms of energy than the public network.

* At Artereum, each artist has control (traceability) of all their works and the path of each one (changes of ownership), which provides security for both users and collectors, as well as for the artists who sell their works here.

Are you ready? Artereum is here to change the history of Latin American crypto art!