SARAM (사람)

Alee B

Price $1350.00

Serial number: 0xf86b9f80caf8883d80a3fa94cf808c07f87f989a7946db40b00d38e822100253


SARAM es una pieza inspirada en People de Agust D, donde hay un juego palabras basado en la similitud de las palabras "saram" (hangul 사람, "persona") y "sarang" (hangul 살아, "amor") y la conjugación del verbo "sara" (hangul 살다, "vivir"). Durante 2020, estas tres palabras acompañaron varias de mis piezas a la vez que la situación actual me llevó a reflexionar sobre estos tres términos, sus similitudes en distintos idiomas (inglés: "live", "love", "live") y su correlación entre sí; ¿los seres humanos estaremos destinados a vivir y a amar?. La pieza vista desde el punto de vista de -la persona-, observa una callejón y reflexiona sobre su propósito, al encontrarse los lugares que solía ver llenos de gente completamente abandonados. 


SARAM is a digital piece inspired in Agust D's People, where a wordplay is used based on the similarity between "saram" (hangul 사람, "person") and "sarang" (hangul 살아, "love") and the verb "sara" (hangul 살다, "to live"). During 2020 these three words were used for multiple pieces I created and our current situation took me to reflect on those three terms, their similarities in different languages, (english: "live", "love", "live") and their correlation; are humans destined to live and love? This piece is seen from the -person's- perspective, looking at an empty street and reflecting about their purpose, finding themselves in the places that used to be full of other people, now abandoned.


Alee B

Alee B is a graphic designer and visual artist working in digital media and coolhunting. Her graphic style is evocative of pop culture in her generation and nostalgia, deeply inspired in music and the digital era. Her color palette is vibrant and risky at times; in illustration, she uses playful, free (and even childish) strokes, mixing it with different animation and digital collage methods, influenced by pop art and psydelich art. She entered the NFT space by the end of 2020 and she's been an advocate to help other artists to learn more about this technology. She's part of Looma Group and international projects like Astrohedz. Alee worked for multiple agencies in Mexico and today is part of Decibel Media Group's team, leading the design and digital communication team for different brands, influencers and people in the entertainment industry.


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