Omecoatl Glitch
Pablo Reyes
Serial number: 0x7e04e193ad0d9e9c1cdd29d1b3b5ef3b40047f5c51047995cd93d0058fa3768f


The former meaning "Double-headed snake" in Nahuatl, it's believed to be a gift from the Aztec emperor Moctezuma for Cortés when he met the Mexica people in Tenochtitlan. It's from my latest series of prehispanic cyberpunk-themed animations in which I explore and remix sculptures made by my ancestors and I give them a new light and meaning through my 3D practice and memories of my hometown in Nezahualcoyotl.

El significado: "serpiente de dos cabezas" en náhuatl, se cree que es un regalo del emperador azteca Moctezuma para Cortés cuando conoció al pueblo mexica en Tenochtitlán. Es de mi última serie de animaciones prehispánicas de temática cyberpunk en la que exploro y mezclo esculturas hechas por mis antepasados ​​y les doy una nueva luz y significado a través de mi práctica 3D y recuerdos de mi ciudad natal en Nezahualcóyotl.

Pablo Hafid Reyes Granados (Hafid)
Born in Mexico City, September 24, 1996, Lives in Houston, Texas.

2015-2020 Bachelor’s of Arts in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communications at The University of Texas at Dallas

Morton Subastas, Mexico City

Select Exhibitions and Projects
Pplpleasr x Fortune Magazine August/September 2021. 3D Production for NFTs
Pplpleasr x Ethereum: The Infinite Garden. 3D Production for NFTs
Pplpleasr x Uniswap X*Y=K. 3D Production for NFTs

MOTHERBOARD. Modular sculptural installation for the city of Richardson, Texas
Riverfront Zoo Project, Andrew F. Scott. Assistant of Production.

Caravan: A Revolution on the Road, Andrew F. Scott, Terrence Blanchard, SOLUNA, Rennie
Harris. Student Artist and Concert Video Editor
Seating As Value And Culture, Andrew F. Scott . Assistant of Production
Comets Light Up The Dallas Skyline, Andrew F. Scott, UTDallas ATEC. Student Artist

African Student Union Fall Ball 18, Projection Mapping Artist
Halloween Spooktacular, Lead Artist.
Leonardo 50th Anniversary, Student Artist.
Technicolor Experience, Plano Art Fest. Project Lead
Wall Washing, 3D Studio. Student Artis

Web: Hafid 3D

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