(CDMX, 1975)

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Juan Carlos del Valle has been painting for more than twenty-five years and has devoted himself to painting with deep conviction and a strong will, with discipline and delight, and with a perseverance that borders on obsession. Del Valle is a playful and mystical artist, curious and irreverent who resists formulas, extreme intellectualization, labels and impositions. He works for painting and from painting, he thinks in terms of light, composition and materiality and has not lost his amazement at the expressive possibilities of the pictorial medium, its mysteries and contemporaneity. Faced with the question "do you think everything can be said in painting?" the painter responds: “everything can be asked in painting”.

Henry Miller wrote that "to paint is to love again". Juan Carlos del Valle’s story is inextricably linked to that of his painting and it is, indeed, a love story; not from an ephemeral and capricious infatuation, but the kind of lasting, generous and conscious love that relentlessly abandons itself in search of the good, the beautiful and the true. For Del Valle, there is an equivalence between loving and painting.

And although conceived to exist and pulse forever in the digital space, VIVA is an eminently pictorial work, composed from matter and animated by the painter's own hand. Its thick impasto suggests a heart, the first organ to be born and the last one to die; the heart, symbolic representation of love par excellence. The physical work from which VIVA originated no longer exists, as it was transformed by Del Valle into a different painting, thereby evoking a fundamental principle of matter: it is never destroyed, only transformed.

VIVA is, therefore, a nod to life and love in times when fear and death seem determined to prevail; it is a tribute to painting and the poetry contained in its stubborn permanence, which transcends times, spaces and technologies, in an infinite beat.

Pilar Alfonso.


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