The Birth of CHROMA

Rick Wolfryd

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The Birth of CHROMA cuenta la historia más completa posible de mi arte y mi vida, en la actualidad, tal como ha evolucionado después de 5 décadas de trabajo detallado. Además de la destreza técnica y experiencia que tengo en el campo de los procesos digitales que me permite hacer mi arte, The Birth of CHROMA refleja el devenir espiritual. Avanzar con esperanza y propósito. Estoy entrando en un nuevo capítulo de mi vida con un nuevo nombre, CHROMA. Y lo que espero en todo el espectro es esto. . . Espero que podamos dar saltos cuánticos fuera de la tecnología --- dentro de nosotros mismos --- para llevarnos a nuevos umbrales en el CORAZÓN que eliminen el dolor y el sufrimiento. Espero y deseo la PAZ y el AMOR duraderos. Chroma 2021.


The Birth of CHROMA tells the fullest possible story of my art and life, in present time, as it has now evolved after 5 decades of detailed work. Aside from any technical prowess and expertise I have in the arena of digital processes that enable me to make my art, the BIRTH OF CHROMA  reflects spiritual becoming. Moving  forward with hope and purpose. I am entering a new chapter of my life with a new name, CHROMA. And what I hope across the spectrum is this . . . I hope that we can make quantum leaps outside technology --- inside ourselves --- to take us to new thresholds of THE HEART that eliminate pain & suffering. I hope and wish for enduring PEACE and LOVE. Chroma 2021

Rick Wolfryd

"Excellence is not a single act, but a habit.
You are what you repeatedly do." - Aristotle


Resume and Work Experience

May 2000 – Present

Wolfryd Collection: Online Museum for Personal Art Making Experience

CHROMA aka Rick Wolfryd, developed and co-designed an online website for display of artworks & writings by CHROMA aka Rick Wolfryd, spanning a career of almost 5 decades. This website features a selection of “digital reconstructions”; Mandalas & geometric art designs; various fine art & commercial grade photography; aphorisms & poetry --- and other relevant items. The Online Museum at has a “permanent collection” based on over 100,000 art items & writings currently contained on CHROMA’s computers & hard-drives. The Wolfryd Collection also consists of Sculptural work called ALTERATIONS which use Huichol Mexican  style beadwork in the design and fabrication of the art. For the past 20 years, CHROMA has been creating his artworks outside of mainstream art experience, preferring a very uncompromised approach to art making outside of traditional art shows and gallery representation. Still, CHROMA’S art work has sold fairly consistently at auction . . . especially selling well since the beginning of 2020, with a history of having sold his art through Sothebys, Bonhams, Palm Beach Modern Art Auctions, Morton’s, John Morans Auctioneers and various other auction houses. Rick is currently being represented by Hamilton-Selway Fine Art in West Hollywood, CA . . . one of the leading privately owned Contemporary Art Galleries in the world. 

Please contact the artist at 52 55 6533 5314 or e-mail at for any further updates or information.

May 1997 – 2000

Wolfryd-Selway Fine Art ( Currently Hamilton-Selway Fine Art )

Created and established a successful, Los Angeles based wholesale and retail art gallery space that features art works by various well-known museum quality modern and contemporary masters and pop artists including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, David Hockney, Robert Raushenberg, Robert Longo, Robert Indiana, Donald Sultan, Picasso, Chagall, Miro and many others.

May 1991 – May 1997

Rick Wolfryd Fine Art and Marek Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Independently owned and operated a private art sales and brokering services that bought, sold, and traded various modern, contemporary and commercial fine artists. Over 987 art clients and dealers world-wide engaged in business and collection opportunities with Rick Wolfryd Fine Art and Marek Fine Art.

June 1989 – May 1991

Generation Fine Art, Minneapolis, MN

Partnered and created a successful wholesale and retail art brokering business that bought, sold, and traded various modern, contemporary and commercial fine artists.

Feb 1986 – May 1989

Fingerhut Group Publishers, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

National Sales Director for a MPLS based art publishing company that specialized in the sales and distribution of limited edition graphics, bronzes and original arts works by various contemporary Chinese artists of the Yunnan School, with a primary focus on the artist Jiang Tie Feng.

June 1985 – December 1985

Bishop’s Gallery, San Diego, CA

Managed all sales and marketing in the turn-key opening of a successful San Diego fine art gallery. Assisted in determining which artists were carried by the gallery: including Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Erte, Jiang, Mack, Alvar and other successful and well-known commercial art talents.

March 1984 – March 1985

Laura Pollak Gallery, San Diego, CA

Served as both Gallery Director and Art Consultant for a well-known San Diego gallery site in a popular tourist area known as Seaport Village.

February 1980 – February 1984

Art Kind of Town, Chicago, IL

Developed and designed various “typed illustration” graphic designs that were the early forerunners of many of my later “digital” art designs, paintings and mixed-media works. Also, worked part-time as a successful art broker and dealer in the Chicago area for the first time.

November 1980 – January 1982

Panama Music, Inc., Chicago, IL

Managed, produced, publicized and promoted a latin-rock-jazz-fusion group with over 10 professional musicians and vocalists from throughout the Chicago area. Panama members had performed with such notable talents as Earth, Wind & Fire, Gladys Knight, Sarah Vaughn, Count Bassie, The Emotions and various other important musical groups. I helped arrange concert schedules and achieve extraordinary publicity throughout Chicago area as noted through: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Faces, The Reader, Illinois Entertainer, WXFM, WGCI, WBEZ, WLS as well as various other radio stations and many more media outlets.

March 1980 – February 1981

Chicago Council on Fine Arts, Chicago, IL

Assisted in disseminating information about the 3rd largest municipal Arts Council in the United States: The Chicago Council on Fine Arts. Reported on up to 15 different programs and services throughout the Chicago area as well as on a national basis. Wrote frequent press releases and public service announcements, initiated and wrote a monthly Aldermanic Newsletter, created and maintained a “technical assistance library” in various arts disciplines, and co-produced a Sunday morning radio talk show about the Arts on WBEZ. In addition, Helped design and maintain a Chicago Area “Writer’s Registery,” ”Dial-a-Poem Service,” and helped supervise a special public awareness campaign, “The Arts: Use Your Imagination.”


Bachelor of Science, Visual Arts, May 1974, Rockford University, Rockford, Illinois. Emphasis: Printmaking. Minor: Drawing.

Master of Fine Arts, Visual Arts, May 1978, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois. Emphasis: Printmaking. Minor: Drawing. 


1977 – 1978 Gallery Coordinator for the Office of Vice President of Student Affairs, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois.

1976 – 1977 Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Lithography, College of Visual Arts, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois.


1994 –`1998 Curator for Don Christal and Cailfornia Suncare, Created the world’s largest privately held Andy Warhol print collection in the world. Reference through Sotheby’s . 

1980 – 1981 Artist-in-Residence, City of Chicago, Chicago Council on Fine Arts
1978 Apprenticeship Landall Press, Chicago, Illinois
1975 – 1978 Three years of Graduate Assistantships at Northern Illinois, Dekalb, Illinois.
1969 Encampment for Citizenship ( scholarship ) sponsored by the City of New York and the New York Ethical Society


Fingerprints, Editor ( 1986 – 1988 ) Fingerhut Group Publishers, Inc. Chicago
Arts, Associate Editor ( 1980 – 81 ), Chicago Council on Fine Arts.
Aldermanic Newsletter, Editor ( 1980 – 81 ), Chicago Council on Fine Arts.


FOR THE PAST 2 DECADES, CHROMA aka Rick Wolfryd has created a body of art work consisting of more than 100,000 digital artworks outside of mainstream art experience. CHROMA instead chose to dedicate himself to creation rather than exhibition opportunities with the purpose of heightening his particular personal art vision and experience without much commercial enterprise or intent. CHROMA felt this would ultimately serve his platform for individual artistic accomplishment and experience to be undisturbed by more usual protocols. It is during this 20 year span of time that CHROMA learned that the only difference between CREATION AND REACTION is how we rearrange the letters in each word, and take responsibility for all outcomes in life. CHROMA’S DEATH OF AIDS project as referenced in a 2013 Sothebys Print Auction in NYC was his singular most important exhibition statement in 2 decades. CHROMA has since elected to return to art exhibition through mostly fine art auction companies that handle his works, rather than traditional gallery venues. This practice may change in the near future. Prior exhibitions include . . . 

Steve Chase Awards ( Art Auction), benefiting Desert Aids Project, Palm Springs, California, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
PAWS ( Annual Art Auction ), benefiting PAWS Los Angeles, California 2006, 2007
"Digital Action Heroes in Paradise", One Person Show, Gallery Art, Aventura,
Florida February 2007
“Digital Action Heroes in Paradise,” One Person Show, Hamilton-Selway Fine Art,
Los Angeles, California January 2007
Printmaking Council of NJ, National Juried Show, Traveling Exhibition 1983
“Creation ’83,” Rockford College, Two Person Show, Rockford, Illinois
“Typographics,” One Person Show, Bushes, Chicago, Illinois, 1983
“Fantasy Factor 11,” One Person Show, Bushes, Chicago, Illinois, 1981
“Chicago Alternatives,” Paul Waggoner Gallery, Group Show, Chicago, Illinois,1981
LA Printmaking Society, National Juried Show ( Purchase Award ), LA, California, 1978.
Burpee Art Museum, Invitational Group Show, Rockford, Illinois, 1978
University of Wisconsin at River Falls, Invitational Show, River Falls, Wisconsin 1978
Mitchell Art Museum, Invitational Show, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, 1978
Freeport Art Museum, Freeport, Illinois, Invitational Show, 1978
Shreveport Art Museum, National Juried Show, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1978
Fine Art Associates, One Person Show, Rockford, Illinois, 1978
Beloit College, Regional Juried Show, Beloit, Wisconsin 1977
Burpee Museum, Regional Juried Show ( Purchase Award ), Rockford, IL 1977
“Celebration ’76,” National Juried Show, Dekalb, Illinois, 1976


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